SOAR Theatre Class

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Welcome to Theatre Class with EJ and Derek!

We are so excited to be engaging our SOAR students in the art form of Drama. Soar actors will be using their actors tool box (the body, voice, imagination, concentration and cooperation) to bring stories to life, create characters and improvise in scenes all while working together as an ensemble to create successful performances. Erinjean and Derek will be working with the actors to become confident in their speaking and listening skills as they have fun and learn about the foundational skills of acting. 

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Check out your child's page to see what we are learning and working on in our ensemble of actors!

It was wonderful to meet so many families over the past few weeks. We had a ton of questions about how our SOAR students can continue to be involved in theatre outside of SOAR. Below are a few websites for arts schools that we feel would be supportive to SOAR student learning. As always, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions. 

Performing Arts Summer Camp

Rocky Mountain Theatre for Kids hosts summer performing arts camps in both Denver and Boulder, where students ages 8-17 learn about the performing arts while working towards a full theatrical production at the end of each camp. Each camp show is complete with music, blocking, choreography, set, lights, costumes, props, hair & make-up. These camps are a wonderful way to learn and grow through an openly creative and interactive process. This year, they are offering a full-tuition scholarship to African-American and Latino students. Below is the official scholarship description. For more information or to apply call our front office at 303–245–8150. You can also find out more about Rocky Mountain Theatre for Kids at or contact Ej for an application. 

The Arvada Center -

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts -